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In March 2020, we discovered it wasn't going to be a fun year for events-based companies.

10 days into lockdown, we did what we do best - get people great cocktails! 

Dropping mason jar mixes at people's doorways was great for a while, but when events came back, our delivery-person availability tanked. After a lot of learning, here we are - the Cocktail Cordial program is live and in stores and markets near you!

It's important to us that our cocktails are interesting but accessible, and our Cordials are no different. Simply add your favourite spirit and follow our directions on the bottle! About the Cordials:

  • Four unique flavours

  • Five cocktails per bottle

  • Ready to go - simply add your favourite spirit!

  • Fresh ingredients (keep refrigerated)

  • Lasts for two weeks once opened

  • Want to add more flair? Check out our Seriously Twisted Cocktail recipes


Proper Etiquette

Lavender syrup, lemon,

Silk Road vanilla tea


King Tiki

Pineapple syrup, allspice dram, coconut water, fresh lime


You Blue It!

Blueberry and apricot syrup, rosemary, lemon, Silk Road lapsang souchong tea


Cherrybombs Away!

Sour cherry syrup, cacao cinnamon infusion, lemon


Where Can I Find
More Cordials?


2534 Estevan Ave, Victoria B.C.

niche logo.png

 777 Royal Oak Dr #480, Victoria, BC

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