One Year In

Well, here we are. Twist has officially been a “thing” for about a year now, and boy, has it been a wild ride. Looking back on where we were last year, we had absolutely no clue where to begin or whether this idea would pan out. We were scrambling to get our first bar built for Art of The Cocktail, which we’ll unfortunately have to miss this year because we’ve booked a wedding for the same night (I guess it’s not that unfortunate). We got that bar built, though, and stood out as the only people there who weren’t pouring from a folding table.

Art of the Cocktail 2017 - our debut event

It took some time to get rolling with the events, and all we wanted for Christmas last year was to start getting some bookings. We had to wait for another week, but when the calendar turned to 2018, they started pouring in like prosecco on tap.

We didn’t expect April to be much of a month, but as of right now, it’s been our biggest to date. It didn’t hurt having a 300 person event, followed up by a 500 person gala the following night (well, it hurt our backs a bit). Carrying around our 14’ behemoth Bullwinkle is a bit of a challenge, but we’ve figured him out and put systems into place to make the transition from “in the truck” to “in place” in about an hour. Plus, just look at him. He’s well worth the effort.

Bullwinkle: Our 14' Mobile Giant

After a month of hard work, April was complete, with 4 strong events that all went great. There were obstacles, like the time the bar area was flooding due to torrential rains, leaving our staff standing in 2 inches of water - but, as we always will, we found solutions. In that case, it was stacks of newspapers.

Coming into fall, we expected things to slow down, and then September was a busier month than August. Made for some rainier weddings than perhaps everyone wanted, but at least there’s a fun story and some good photos. It’s been just busy enough to keep us on our toes while Sarah is back at school to get her teaching degree (if you didn’t know, she’ll be corrupting the minds of high schoolers come next year - “who wants to know how to make a Ramos Gin Fizz?”).

We would agree with Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, when Vince Vaughn asked, “what’s better, Christmas or wedding season?” It’s wedding season all the way. Twist’s inaugural wedding season was filled with incredible venues: from the beach in Sooke, to the Fraser River in Richmond, to the forests on Old West Saanich Road. One of the most fun parts of this business is we can take it literally anywhere. Want a high end cocktail experience in your living room, or on the top of a mountain? Yeah, we can do that.

We certainly didn’t do this alone. There are too many people to name, but special shout-outs can be given to the planning wizards at Emma McCormick Creative, the culinary superstars at Toque Catering, and our friends and mentors at Your Entrepreneur Society. We really wouldn’t be where we are today without the trust that you’ve had in us since Day 1, and it’s really damn fun to work together. Those 15 hour event days go a lot quicker when you’re working with people whose company you really enjoy.

Also, our families deserve a serious thank you. From keeping our mountains of glassware stored in the doghouse (it’s not actually a doghouse, long story), to helping us move Bullwinkle around on early Sunday mornings, to nervously agreeing to crack beers at a WestCoast Rec volleyball night when we were hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail, you all are the life rafts that keep us afloat.

Our biggest thank you goes out to our clients. At every single event, our staff has been treated with the utmost respect, you’ve invited us into your homes and it’s been a pleasure to work with every single one of you. Oh, and you’ve paid your invoices. We appreciate that too.

Looking back, we could not have hoped for a better first year for Twist. We have nearly doubled the number of events we were targeting for the year, and we still have a couple of months to go. Better yet, every event has been an undisputed success, and we’ve had a ton of fun doing it. One of the best parts, for sure, is working with our staff, who really are just our friends from years of working in the industry. You all know it already, but you guys rock. Thanks for always stepping up and being all-in whenever we call.

You'd never know it by that confident shake, but this is the "standing in 2 inches of water" night.

Here’s to many more years, great partnerships, killer events, and plenty of libations along the way. Who knows what the future will bring - all we can count on is that there will be many twists in the road ahead.