The Faces Behind the Bar

Yes, it's happening - Twist has a blog!

We're stoked to get this launched for all of you. A blog is basically the dream for two entrepreneurial English majors-slash-bartenders: Sharing cool bar info! Reviews of amazing drinks around town! Creative writing outlet!

A lot of what you can expect to see is exactly that - industry trends, tutorials on how to make your own specialty ingredients at home, mobile bartending ins and outs, cocktail and spirit history and culture, and reviews of libations around Victoria (we like this topic a lot).

For our first post, however, we decided to get a little more personal with you. See, event bartending is a little different from other vendors in one major way: we're at your event, interacting with your guests. We're part of the party! The bar is usually a bit of a showpiece, and good bartenders spend a lot of time chatting with guests and really enhancing the event experience.

So we figured it's only fair, since we're going to be such an intimate part of your event, that you get to know a little about us too! Happy reading, and feel free to shoot us any other questions you may have. We're pretty friendly.

~Andrew and Sarah, Co-Founders of Twist of Fate Craft Cocktails

Q: Why did you choose to jump into entrepreneurship? What have been the most challenging and most rewarding aspects?

S: Running my own business has been a goal of mine for years, but I never had the outlet or direction before Twist. Challenging: not having someone setting goals or deadlines for me. Rewarding: creating something from scratch, and turning it into a service that people are genuinely excited about booking.

A: Challenges are fun, I seek them out all the time. A person who never takes risks will never see what their true potential might bring.

Q: What is your favourite part of events and event bartending?

A: Events are a blast, people are pumped up for them, and there’s special elements involved (like us). Plus, hospitality is inherently unpredictable - with events, you can plan it out a bit more, there’s a timeline, and you generally know how many people will be showing up.

S: I like being stimulated in my work environment. Every event is different, and totally unique. Sometimes we’re at a themed gala for hundreds of people with crazy costumes, bands, and entertainment; other times we’re at a small intimate gathering where the little details are what make it meaningful.

Q: Free time – how do you spend it?

A: Ideally outside, hiking, biking, playing soccer or golf, in a park. I prefer feeling free all the time, hence entrepreneurship.

S: I love reading (literature major over here) and being active, hiking/biking/running are my jam lately. Plus hanging out in coffee shops and going for lunch. Going for lunch is the best thing ever.

Q: Favourite spirit? Favourite cocktail?

S: Lately it’s been gin, I think because we’ve got so many awesome and diverse gins coming out of the island and B.C. I like too many cocktails to pick a favourite, but we made one with a house milk liqueur we're experimenting with that had lavender cane syrup, honey shine, and fresh lemon in it…amazing.

A: Can I say whisk(e)y? That covers a lot of bases, but I’d go bourbon if I must. Good for sipping, great for mixing. Yesterday my favorite cocktail was a Boulevardier, today it's a Paloma - tomorrow, who knows?

Q: Best vacation you’ve ever taken, and what’s up next?

A: Spent 9 weeks in Europe last year, check Slovenia out if you like outdoor adventures, gorgeous scenery, and sensational food at a reasonable price. Greek Islands are the stuff of legends as well.

S: Peru with my family two years ago was really memorable, as were the Greek Islands last year. Andrew and I hiked the West Coast Trail two years ago as well, and backpacking is now one of my favourite kinds of trips - we're actually about to head off on the Sunshine Coast Trail!

Q: Where do you see yourself in three years?

S: I’m attending UVic’s PDP Program in September for secondary education, so in three years I'll be teaching somewhere around Victoria. I also intend to spend a lot more time in the forest (we have some plans...) and have a few trips bouncing around in my head, the Himalayas have been on my list for a long time. Plus, we have some pretty big goals for Twist over the next three years, and I intend to smash all of them.

A: In a forest with a few more gray hairs and probably an extra scar or two, and a hundred or so Twist events under our belts. Spending lots of time working as a Leadership Development Coach as well, which is what I do when I’m not Twisting (and/or shouting).

Q: One thing you do every day that sets you up for success or happiness?

A: Meditate and exercise. Body and mind, baby!

S: Powerful morning routines are key for me - meditation, moving my body in some way, and having a healthy and substantial breakfast means my entire day is better.