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Co-Founder | Creative Director

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Co-Founder | Lead Mixologist




Event Manager

Andrew and Sarah launched Twist of Fate in 2017 after falling in love with events -

and what's more fun than the bar?

Our background experiences range from cafes to five star resorts, Victoria's late-night entertainment hub to Disney Cruise Lines, catering to serving to bartending to managing. We've been living and breathing hospitality for over 25 years combined.

Working for ourselves has been our favourite stage yet, and watching our business grow, change, and adapt over the last three years has been a rollercoaster.


We've pushed ourselves - winning a contract for a 500 person open bar as one of our first events, ever.


We've grown - adding our amazing event manager Ashley, multiple bars, and thousands of pieces of glassware.

We've adjusted - to a pandemic that effectively shut the door on events.

And we've loved it. There have been huge wins, big losses that lead to new ideas (Curbside Cocktail, anyone?), lots of smashed fingers, many late nights, thousands of cocktail shakes, and uncountable smiles, jokes, and conversations across the bar. With a lot of excitement and some slight trepidation (looking at you, 2020), we can't wait to see what's next.

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