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Andrew Langford


Co-Founder | Lead Mixologist

  1. Best thing about working events: The incredible vibes are the best thing about working events. The energy that's flowing through the crowd is (dare I say) intoxicating. It's also just the best when guests come up to one of our bars and say "you brought this?!?" It's happened a hundred times, but it's always great. Okay, last best thing - when we get 120 people an awesome cocktail within 5 minutes of the wedding ceremony ending, that's a pretty damn good feeling.

  2. After an event, you're sipping: Water. There's no high like hydration. Jk, that's what I should be drinking, but it's more often an IPA. Or if Sarah hasn't drank all the amaro, then I'll stick with the crowd and pour a good strong Boulevardier.   

  3. Favourite Twist moment: There have been a few epic champagne towers. The first one we built, in a crowd of 500 in front of open barn doors in a windstorm, was very memorable. A more recent one in an airplane hanger that was transformed into a rave, with the DJ blasting a countdown that culminated in the popping of the first bottles, that was pretty good too. Shaking cocktails in a 70s outfit at an NHL star's house is up there as well. We have a nice time at work. 

  4. If you're not shaking cocktails or lifting bars, you're: Ideally I'm adventuring on trails or in my kayak, or blasting 3-woods down the fairway, but most likely I'm writing emails and booking more and more and more events!!

Sarah Worrall



Co-Founder | Event Lead

  1. Best thing about working events: People. People are the best. I can't count how many guests have absolutely made my day. I also love our team more than I can express - they make every event (and planning meeting) SO MUCH FUN. The world of spirits is also so incredible, and learning/tasting my way to more knowledge is a huge work perk.

  2. After an event, you're sipping: Boulevardier or a great (big) glass of wine.

  3. Favourite Twist moment: It's a tie - winning the Vancouver Island Wedding Award's very first "Best Specialty Bar Service" for a category we helped inspire...or late night delirious laugh attacks with our team 'cause they're what make our job so awesome.

  4. If you're not shaking cocktails or lifting bars, you're: Dancing the days away at Belmont Secondary, where I teach Dance and work in Special Education. Or reading, hiking, and attempting to garden.

Ashley Cooke



Polymath | Event Lead

  1. Best thing about working events: It’s a tough choice between working with such a spectacular team and getting to experience all the energy and love of people coming together to celebrate some of the biggest moments in their lives/businesses. 

  2. After an event, you're sipping: A Boulevardier or Mezcal Paloma.

  3. Favourite Twist moment: When the bride did a contemporary dance for her new husband while her brother sang for her. I’ve never cried so much at a wedding.

  4. If you're not shaking cocktails or lifting bars, you're: Snuggled up with my dog and a show or a good book! 

Kaitlyn Mihu


Event Lead

  1. Best thing about working events: Getting to share my love of cocktails with a fun crowd and meeting some cool people!

  2. After an event, you're sipping: I'm likely "sipping" a Boulevardier or two. 

  3. Favourite Twist moment: How do I choose just one?? My favourite moments were probably when we got to party hard again when COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, or serving up a ton of cocktails at a wedding in Qualicum Beach while jamming to a live band!

  4. If you're not shaking cocktails or lifting bars, you're: Reading a good book or lifting some heavy weights at the gym 'cause I'm built different. #curlsforthegirls

Andrew and Sarah launched Twist of Fate in 2017 after falling in love with events -

and what's more fun than the bar?

Our background experiences range from cafes to five star resorts, Victoria's late-night entertainment hub to Disney Cruise Lines, catering to serving to bartending to managing. We've been living and breathing hospitality for over 30 years combined.

Working for ourselves has been our favourite stage yet, and watching our business grow, change, and adapt over the last seven years has been a rollercoaster.


We've pushed ourselves - winning a contract for a 500 person open bar as one of our first events, ever.


We've grown - adding our amazing Event Manager and Polymath Ashley (she does...uncountable things for us), our new Event Lead Kaitlyn (who happens to be Ashley's cousin), multiple bars, over a dozen new staff, and thousands of pieces of glassware.

We've adjusted - to a pandemic that effectively shut the door on events.

And we've loved it. There have been huge wins, big losses that lead to new ideas (Curbside Cocktail, anyone?), lots of smashed fingers, many late nights, thousands of cocktail shakes, and uncountable smiles, jokes, and conversations across the bar. Our industry is constantly evolving, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

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