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Want to revamp your cocktail offerings, and don't know where to start? Opening a new restaurant, and have to set up a bar from scratch? Gearing up for a crazy season with untrained staff?

We can get you set up for success. Our time behind the bar, combined with many years in  management positions at some of Victoria's top hospitality locations, have given our team a wide breadth of industry expertise.

Twist of Fate Cocktail Co
Twist of Fate, dropping nudes into your


With so many incredible cocktail bars, local spirits, and flavour innovations, your cocktail menu needs to be modern to compete.

Luckily, designing cocktail menus is right up our alley. We'll create a list that's cost effective, easy to execute, and stands out from the rest.



Want a more efficient bartending team that drive sales, speak confidently about products, and give a great guest experience? 

Branching out into large event services in your venue?

We can get your staff up to speed.

Twist of Fate Cocktail Co


If you're launching a bar, there's a ton to think about.

From spirit choices to staffing considerations, bar tools and glassware to POS Systems, costing to menu design and ambiance...the list goes on.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help!


Campbell River Golf & Country Club Cocktail List
The Beach House Restaurant Cocktail Training
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