what we do

event bartending

weddings, parties, mixers, fundraisers, and more

We offer full service, professional mobile bartending at indoor and outdoor venues.

Our unique craft cocktails, two mobile bars, and experienced bartending staff are a memorable way to elevate your event.

If you would like to raise the bar at your event, contact us today for a personalized quote.

cocktail 101

we'll take you to school

Planning a small mixer or corporate event? Looking for something different for your bachelor or bachelorette party? Want to host a night in, but still make it a "thing?"

Let us take you to school with Cocktail 101. We'll teach you the basics - cocktail history, chemistry, and math.

Then we'll set you free to create your own cocktail, and while we don't judge, your peers sure do. You vote - best beverage wins, and yes, style counts (it really is just like school!).

Send us a message about Cocktail 101 for details!


cocktail menus, staff training, and bar design

Want to revamp your cocktail offerings, and don't know where to start? Opening a new restaurant, and have to set up a bar from scratch? Gearing up for a crazy season with untrained staff?

We can get you set up for success. Our time behind the bar, combined with many years in  management positions at some of Victoria's top hospitality locations, have given our team a wide breadth of industry expertise.


From cocktail menu creation and modernization, to improving efficiencies behind the bar, to staff training (bartending, event service, product knowledge, etc.), get in touch to see how we can help elevate your offerings.