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Our Bars

The only thing better than your drunk buddy pouring drinks is...well, everything.

Professional bartenders make the difference, whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate event, or backyard party. Our full-service bartending takes care of all the details - from the bar itself, to unique feature cocktails, garnishes, ice, and barware - so you can enjoy the party.

Everyone always ends up at the bar. Let's make sure it's memorable for all the right reasons.

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Meet Bullwinkle, our 14' pride and joy. Made of reclaimed cedar with overhead lighting, Bullwinkle is an incredible showpiece that looks good anywhere (you know, if he fits).

Bullwinkle has served groups of 350 all by himself - he's as good to work behind as he is to look at. We've lost track of the number of jaws that have dropped when guests find out this bar doesn't live at the venue. Indoor and outdoor venues are great!

Dress him up in florals? Awesome. Add a ton of balloons? Perfect. Keep him plain? Stunning. 

Rental cost, including delivery and set up: $750

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Rocky is our 6' red cedar bar, built by our team and used for events from Day 1. His West-Coast vibe fits in a multitude of indoor and outdoor venues, and his mobility means he can make it into offices, house parties, up elevators...

Great for groups up to 80, and a fantastic way to add a memorable element to both small and large events.


Rental cost, including delivery and set up: $425

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Introducing Elsie, our newest addition to the bar squad! If you're curious about the name, we discovered that our previously used cartoon didn't have many female characters (go 1950s!). The time was finally right to toss Andrew's mother a bone and let her name a bar, since she's been giving up her garage to them for years. The classy-farmhouse vibe reminded her of a childhood friend named Elsie, and here we are.

Elsie is our modern bar. She's got clean lines and a gorgeous grey and white marbled countertop that looks stunning dressed up with delicate decor.

Don't think she's soft, though - we can do events with up to 120 guests with Elsie.

Rental cost, including delivery and set up: $550

Additional Services

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Everyone likes to grab a glass of bubbly when they walk in the door, but a tray of bubbles just isn't that exciting.


Make a better first impression with a Champagne Tower - poured in front of your guests and passed by our team. Dry ice added to the tower completes the show!

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Our Smoking Table, custom-designed and built by Andrew, may be the only one like it in the world. It's how we bring cocktail bar intricacies to hundreds of guests at once.

24 glasses at a time are smoked in front of guests, then filled with their chosen cocktail. You can watch tendrils of smoke swirling in your glass as we build your drink!

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