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Planning a small mixer or corporate event? Looking for something different for your bachelor or bachelorette party? Want to host a night in, but still make it a "thing?"

Let us take you to school with Cocktail 101. We'll teach you the basics - cocktail history, chemistry, and math.

Then we'll set you free to create your own cocktail, and while we don't judge, your peers sure do. You vote - best beverage wins, and yes, style counts (it really is just like school!).

Cost: $45 per person, plus GST and 18% gratuity for your host. $450 minimum for events.

Includes: A mobile bar, all glassware, barware, spirits, and non-alcoholic ingredients, scoring sheets, and good times!

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"Cocktail 101 was the best choice for my gathering! It allowed everyone to get to know each other in a relaxed setting while teaming up to learn and create amazing concoctions for everyone else!"

- C. H.


Virtual Cocktail Parties are a great way to reconnect with friends over a drink – in 2020. A great option for holiday parties and staff get togethers! Twist's team are natural hosts, and their playful, knowledgeable way of sharing the craft of cocktails with us virtually was awesome. Plus, trivia! Learn while you drink! Twist is a great local business, bringing the joy to the people.

- J. A. R.

Virtual Cocktail Parties

Raise your spirits with at-home cocktail instruction, trivia, and interactive engagement.

Have an unparalleled cocktail experience with friends and family near and far!

We'll teach you the basics - cocktail history, plus the chemistry and math needed to craft the perfect drink. We give you the tools to make spectacular cocktails whenever you moderation, of course ;) 


Then we get you shaking! Because we aren't just talking about cocktails, we're drinking them.



90 minute classes offered via Zoom, with no cap on total participants so you can

"party" with your loved ones no matter where they are.

Cost: $35 per connection (couples are welcome!) plus GST; $300 minimum.

Includes: Cocktail recipes, techniques, friendly competition, and guaranteed good times.

Cocktail 101_ Interactive cocktail class
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