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Imagine taking your favourite cocktail bar, and bringing it to your own backyard.
We bring people together over unique cocktails and great conversations.
Twist of Fate brings the best of the bar - a mobile bar with character and ambiance, industry professionals with years of experience, and creative libations with craft ingredients - to your event.


Without a doubt, the best of the best! We are now just over a week out from the wedding and my husband and I are still receiving daily comments from our guests about how fantastic the service and cocktails were! From ensuring every guest had a full water glass to making sure that there was no lineup at the bar throughout the entire evening, Andrew & Sarah knocked it way out of the park. We met with them before the event and were able to choose the perfect signature cocktails - the Sol Rey Margarita & Proper Etiquette, which were absolutely delicious. It made such a difference to have professional bartenders and we would recommend Twist of Fate to anyone!

~ Emma & Alex

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